Wboard Pro

Wboard Pro

Placa basada en Arduino MEGA que incluye WiFi.

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WBoard Pro is a Wifi development board based on Arduino MEGA. With an on-board ESP8266 chip (wifi firmware has been burnt in), you can drive ESP8266 to connect wifi and visit the internet by controlling the serial ports. WBoard Pro supports IoTgo Arduino Library to do a rapid development.


  • Standard Bee interface, nRF24L01+ interface, SD card slot, PWR/Test indicator
  • On-board ESP8266 chip, support wifi connect to internet
  • With 40-pin interface that compatiable with Raspberry Pi B+, can use most of the Raspberry Pi add-ons
  • Designed to fit an existing waterproof enclosure


PCB Size 90X60X1.6mm
Interface Standard Bee interface, nRF24L01+ interface, uSD,uUSB
Indicator PWR, Test

Electrical Characteristics

Characteristics Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Power supply voltage Vsupply 7 - 23 V
Power for system VDD 3.0 3.3 3.6 V
High input voltage VIH 0.8XVDD - VDD V
Low input voltage VIL 0 - 0.2XVDD V
Operation current for VDD IDD - - 300 mA

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