HDMI 4 Pi: 7inch Display w/Touchscreen 1024x600- HDMI/VGA/NTSC/PAL

HDMI 4 Pi: 7inch Display w/Touchscreen 1024x600- HDMI/VGA/NTSC/PAL

Display touch resistivo de 7 pulgadas de 1024x600 pixels de resolución. Posee conexión USB para la parte táctil y entradas HDMI y VGA.

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Make a lovely, touchscreen video setup with a 7" screen at 1024x600 resolution with a resistive touchscreen overlay! For this model, we tried to get an inexpensive 1024x600 touchscreen display that was still high quality and would be good for embedded computing usage. The visible display measures 7" diagonal. We include a driver board with HDMI, VGA and Composite inputs. 

The Resistive Touch Screen to USB Mouse Controller is a board that can handle analog to digital conversion.  Most converters we've found are not very easy to use, and are 'fixed' - making them difficult to calibrate. The AR1100 is a nice chip that solves this problem by acting as a touch->USB converter and also comes with calibration software. The calibration software is Windows only, but once you've calibrated you can use the screen on any OS. The AR1100 shows up as a regular Mouse or Digitizer HID device so no drivers are required and it works on any operating system that supports a USB mouse.

It's not IPS so it's not good for wide-angle visibility.

There's a little wired PCB with little buttons that let you enter a menu system for adjusting brightness, color and contrast. It tries to auto-detect which input you have and switches to that one or you can 'select' from the menu which to display.

To demonstrate it, we took some photos with the display connected to a Raspberry Pi, but it will also work connected to any device with HDMI, VGA or NTSC/PAL output. It will not work with a device that only outputs DVI (without a DVI to HDMI converter) or SECAM.

For use with a Raspberry Pi we suggest editing config.txt to set the HDMI to the native 1024x600 in case it doesn't detect the resolution properly.  You can see the suggested config.txt in the HDMI uberguide.  The easiest way to edit the config.txt is to put the Pi SD card into an every day computer and edit config.txt with any text editor and save.

For use with a BeagleBone Black running Ubuntu/Debian, we found it works when plugged in, no configuration required.

A power adapter, cables, wire stand, and Raspberry Pi are NOT included. You will need to either purchase a 5-12VDC adapter or you can use one you've already got around the house. 


  • Power with 5-12 VDC
  • Resolution: 1024 x 600
  • Display dimensions: 157mm x 91mm x 3mm / 6.2" x 3.6" x 0.1"
  • Display Weight (excluding power cable): 150g
  • Not HDCP compatible - it cannot be used with 'secured' HDMI sources
  • We do not have datasheets for this screen at this time

For more information on this HDMI display, including a suggested config.txt, check out our HDMI Display ÜBERGUIDE!

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OpenHacks (10/09/2015 - 14:41)

Hola Matías, con una fuente que entregue 1000mA va a funcionar correctamente. Saludos!

Matias (10/09/2015 - 14:15)

Buenas tardes, ¿Que fuente necesitaria para el display?, Ya que especifica el rango de tension de 5 - 12 V, pero no habla de la corriente que necesita.