40mm Stepper Motor for CNC Machine or 3D Printer

40mm Stepper Motor for CNC Machine or 3D Printer

Motor paso a paso de dos fases y paso de 1.8º, ideal para máquinas CNC o impresoras 3D.

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This stepping motor was two phase mixing type.1m wire, one connect electrical machine, on the other end has variety optional ports; heat shrink tubing effect to prevent the wire tangled up.D-shaped axle with 22mm, electrical machine with high-torque, high-speed, low noise.



  • Drive mode: Chopping wave constant current drive
  • Exciting mode: Two-phase 4-wire. It is available for rotation of forward and reverse
  • Swerve: The order of power is AB-BC-CD-DA, from shaft end to see C.W
  • Rated current (one-phase): 1.3A DC
  • Rated voltage: 2.4V
  • Stepping angle: 1.8°
  • Insulation grade: B grade
  • Operating Conditions: Environment Temperature: -20~50ºC; RH: 90%MAX
  • Mounting Position: Axis horizontal or vertical installation
  • Direct-current winding resistance (25ºC): 1.6Ω±10%
  • Wnding inductance: 3.2mH±20%
  • Cogging torque: 18mN.m REF
  • Holding torque: ≥360mN.m(I=1.3A)
  • Max. no-load starting frequency: ≥1400pps
  • Max. no-load running Frequenc: ≥8000pps
  • Temperature rise: <80K
  • Step Angle Accuracy: 1.8°± 5%
  • Rotary inertia: 57g.cm2
  • Motor Weight: 0.28Kg/PC REF
  • Insulation resistance: Cold insulation resistance should be more than 100MΩ (between the Motor stator core and Terminal)
  • Dielectric strength: The space between the Motor stator core and Terminal should be able to withstand AC600V/1s without breaking down. Leakage current is less than 1mA.
  • Size(L*W*H): Approx. 42 x 42 x 40mm / 1.65 x 1.65 x 1.57 inch

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