High Speed Gear Kit - 18045

High Speed Gear Kit - 18045

Juego de engranajes de alta velocidad, muy livianos, relación 1.6~2.5.

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This goods is five group of light and handy gears that is engineering plastic material,It's 1.6~2.5 transimission ratio. Very good used for DIY project(like a small mechanical motion device, application in toy and robot) 
  • material:engineering plastic
  • good wear-resistance
  • low niose
  • transmission smooth and steady.
It has 5 group high speed gears,different transmission ratio as follow:                                                                           
2.5 : 1?32T+13T?
2.2 : 1 (31T+14T)  
2.0 : 1 (30T+15T)  
1.8 : 1 (29T+16T)  
1.6 : 1 (28T+17T)                   
specially: They are pairs using with one to one

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