mBot-Blue(Bluetooth Version)

mBot-Blue(Bluetooth Version)

Kit Robot para comenzar a experimentar con la robótica y la programación.

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mBot is a low cost, easy-to-run robot kit for kids to get hands-on experience about graphical programming, electronics, robotics. It is an all-in-one solution for robotics learning and designed for STEM education. 
Cute shape with easy assembly is our goal. mBot contains only about 45 pieces in total, so it is easy to have a sense of achievement for kids to assemble in 10 mins quickly.


  • Easy to assemble within 10mins
  • Electronics are based on Arduino open source platform
  • Supports IOS&Android App. Suitable for individual users and family
  • Two programming tools: Arduino IDE and mBlock, a drag-and-drop programming tool based on Scratch 2.0
  • Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless module included, without wire limited
  • Easy and intuitive wiring with color-coded RJ25 connector
  • 2 mm thick aluminum chassis, strong and compatible with Makeblock & Lego parts
  • Free lessons are provided and increasing continually
  • Achieve dierent fun projects like Wall avoidance, line following, games with other mBots, using sensors to play games in Scratch.


  • Build a wall avoidance robot
  • Build a line follower robot
  • Play some musical tones.
  • Control the robot by remote control provided or standard TV remote
  • IR communication with other mBots for robotic cooperation like dancing.
  • Interact with Scratch, using sensors to play games and stories in Scratch 2.0.
  • Controlled by App to play football or fight!
And more with Raspberry Pi or standard Arduino...



Part List:

2 × Micro TT motor 1 × Universal wheel 1 x Me Ultrasonic sensor
1 × mCore 15 × Socket Cap Screw M4 x 8 1 x Me Line follower
2 × 90T Plastic Wheel 6 × Countersunk Screw M3 x 25 1 x Bluetooth module(dual mode)
2 × Tyre 90T B 8 × Nut M3 1X Instruction Book
2 × Velcro 4 × Self-drilling Screw M2.2 x 9.5 1X Line follower map
4 × Brass stud M4 x25 2 x 6P6C RJ25 cable-20cm 1 x IR Controller
1 × Chassis 1 x USB A-Male to B-Male Cable 1m  
1 × Battery holder 4 AA 1 × Screw driver  


Software download 
mBot instruction download
Course download
App download
Line Follower Map download 
mBlock Kids maker rocks with robots
Scratch 2.0 The Adventures of Mike

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