15kg Smart Robot Servo Be Controlled By Arduino with frames

15kg Smart Robot Servo Be Controlled By Arduino with frames

Servo Smart! Torque Varios modos de operación, como modo "rueda" o movimiento por ángulos; realimentación, ID, y diferentes configuraciones.


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About FT-SCServo
–Multi-purpose UART Bus Robot Servo


FT-SCServo is meaning that Smart Control Servo was R&D and manufactured by FEETECH

  • SCServo can work at servo mode and wheel mode
    • The servo mode can be used to multi-joints robot since the robots can be controlled with specific angles. (The factory default setting is servo mode)
    • The wheel mode can be used to wheel-type operation robots since motors of the robots spin infinitely. (If wheel mode is available you need to program the value of position limitation the both are 0.)
    • If you want to reprogram servo, you need to download the PC software and to connect SCPC-2(or use SCServo controller SCM-1) between servo and PC. Also can use Arduino and TTLinker_mini to reprogram it.
  • SCServo has a unique ID number to identify on BUS network
    • The range from 0 to 253 (0xFD) can be used (The factory default setting is ID 1), and, especially, 254(0xFE) is used as the Broadcast ID. If the Broadcast ID is used to transmit Instruction Packet, we can command to all SCServo.
    • After programmed servo ID, to be best way is written it on the sticker of servo. If not, maybe you will forget the ID when you programmed many servos.
  • SCServo have kinds of baud rate available
    • The baud rate from 38400 bps to 1M bps can be used.
    • They are 38400, 57600,76800,115200,128000,250000,500000,1000000. (The factory default setting is 1000000 bps)
  • Can feedback the value of position, temperature, load, speed and input voltage
  • SCServo is easy to be control by Arduino
    • SCServo needs to have a TTLinker_mini connect to between Arduino and SCServo.
    • If not please reference Schematic of the TTLinker_mini.
    • TTLinker_mini is a signal conversion board. Arduino needs to convert its UART signals to the half duplex type and through TTLinker_mini connect to SCServo.
  • TTLinker_mini Connection between Arduino and SCServo


  • Arduino library SCServo
    • We have SCServo library to be used when you are using Arduino to control SCServo. If you want to download it please click here..


IO and Connection


Product Drawing




Dimensions 40.0X20.0X40.5mm 40.0X20.0X40.5mm
Weight 56g(1.98oz) 56g(1.98oz)
Gear Type(Ratio) Metal(217:1) Metal(275:1)
Bus Interface TTL Level Multi Drop TTL Level Multi Drop
Position Sensor(Resolution) Potentiometer(215°/1024) Potentiometer(215°/1024)
Operating Angle 200°(Servo Mode) 200°(Servo Mode)
Control System Bus Packet Communication Bus Packet Communication
Protocol Type Half duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication  
ID 254 ID (0~253) 254 ID (0~253)
Communication Speed 38400bps 1 Mbps 38400bps 1 Mbps
Feedback Position, Temperature, Load, Speed, Input Voltage  
Motor Type Carbon Carbon
Bearing Type 2BB 2BB
Operating Voltage 6V~8.4V 6V~8.4V
Stall Torque( 10(6V)11.5(7.4V)13(8.4V) 15(6V) 16.5(7.4V)17(8.4V)
Stall Current(A) : 1.5A(7.4V) 1.5A(7.4)
Operating Speed(RPM) 80(6V)90(7.4V)100(8.4V) 55(6V)65(7.4V)73(8.4V)
Connector(Wire Length) 3P&5264 (15cm) 3P&5264 (15cm)

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