USB & Serial servo driver for many servos

USB & Serial servo driver for many servos

Placa multifunción para servo robot FT SCS15


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Product Description

  FEETECH SCM-1 multifunctional Control board for FT SCS15  servo robot motion compatible with Arduino


Weight: 16g

Dimension(L*W*H): 60mm * 38mm * 20mm

Controller: STM32F103C8T6

Working Voltage

  • Allowed Range: 6V~9V
    • Vss and – Supply to Controller
    • + and – Supply to SCServo
    • Vss and + Can Connect Together
  • Recommended Voltage: 7.4V (Li-PO 2cell)

Consumed Current

  • When IDLE: 40mA
  • External I/O Maximum Current: 300mA
  • Total Maximum Current: 10A 

Working Temperature: -5�??~60�??

External I/O Device

  • UART 1 (3pin) For SCServo Connector: 5
  • UART 2 (4pin) For OpenRC24G Receiver or Other Controller UART: 1

Work Mode Protocol Type 

  • Debug Mode
  • SCS Mode

Communication Speed

  • UART 1 (3pin): 38400bps~1M bps
  • UART 2 (4pin): 38400bps~1M bps

NOTE: How to set Work Mode Protocol Type and Communication Speed please refer Before use SCM-1

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