Hobby Motor and Encoder Kit

Hobby Motor and Encoder Kit

Juego de dos ruedas, motores, encoders y accesorios para tu proyecto robótico.


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  • Description: This is the Hobby Motor and Encoder Kit from DAGU, an inexpensive and reliable set of add-ons for your next robotic project. Inside this kit are three pairs of items: wheels, gearmotors, and wheel encoders (including everything you need to hook them up). The Hobby Motor and Encoder Kit is perfect for providing beginners with a cheap and easy to use setup or if you just need a few extra parts.

    The off set gear motors included with this kit require a voltage of 3-6V with a no load current of 200mA and possess a stall current of 3A@6V (1.5A@3V), a gearbox ratio of 48:1, and a wheel speed of 65RPm at 3V unloaded. Each wheel encoder in this kit requires a supply voltage of 3-24V, a supply current of 4mA, consists of two neodymium 8-pole magnets with rubber hubs, and two hall-effect sensors terminated with 150mm cables and 3-pin female servo headers.


    • 2x DG02S Mini DC Gear Motor
    • 2x Wheel - 65mm
    • 1x Wheel Encoder Kit (Set of 2)


    • Gear Motor
      • Voltage: 3V – 6V
      • No Load Current: 200mA
      • Stall Current: 3A @ 6V (1.5A @ 3V)
      • Gearbox Ratio: 48:1
      • Wheel Speed: 65rpm @ 3V unloaded (Recommended)
    • Wheel Encoder
      • Voltage: 3V – 24V with reverse polarity protection
      • Encoder Type: 8-pole neodymium magnet and hall-effect sensor
      • Encoder Output: Open drain with short circuit protection

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