Particle Photon Base Shield

Particle Photon Base Shield

Placa expansora para Particle Photon, para construir aplicaciones mas potentes e inteligentes!

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Grove Base Shield for Photon is an expansion board which incorporated the standard Grove interfaces to let you build more powerful and intelligent applications with richer and cost-effective Grove functional modules. It gets three digital ports, two analog ports, two I2C ports and one UART port. It�??s a plug-and-play shield designed to accelerate prototyping dramatically.


  • Compatible with Photon
  • Standard Grove interfaces to connect to a large family of Grove sensors and actuators
  • I2C, UART ports integrated


  • Grove Ports: 3 digital ports, 2 analog ports, 2 I2C ports and 1 UART port.
  • Dimensions: 53 �? 53 mm
  • Weight: 18g

Application ideas

  • Compact IoT applications such as smart router.

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