Raspberry Pi 2.2 TFT Display Module/WOT Touch

Raspberry Pi 2.2 TFT Display Module/WOT Touch

Display TFT de 2,2" para Rasperry en formato Shield

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The PI-TFT22A module features a 2.2'display with 320x240 16-bit color pixels. This PI-TFT22A module refresh it's screen rapidly because the TFT module communicates with raspberry Pi in a high speed SPI interface ,this PI-TFT22A module can be used as Xwindow port ,displaying images or video etc. it plugs right in on top of your Model A+, B+ or Pi 2 and fits as HAT.
You can download configuration-free image or configurable packages, adjustable brightnes [level 0 -255], HAT compatible and Onboard buttons, you can load kernel modules to support GPIO KeyBoard function, almost all GPIO available on this board [non SPI 0,GPIO 18,GPIO 24,GPIO23],Very easily be other uses, IDROM has built initialization data to support Device Tree boot
Technical Details:
Technical Details:
type value
product name RPI_2.2 TFT Display Module
character number 320×240
screen scale 2.2'
refresh rate >20fps
weight 23.9g
module scale 66x57x12(mm)
connect port 2*20 Stacking Header
control interface SPI
work voltage 5V
Part List:
  • 1 x Display Module

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