MSP430F149 Minimum System Board

MSP430F149 Minimum System Board

Placa de desarrollo MSP430, con interfaz JTAG, RS232, RS485 y muchas prestaciones más!


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MSP430F149 minimum system about learning board:

  1.    The CPU board and main board separation design, the CPU board can easily remove the change pin compatible with other models to continue learning, if damage of improper operation is also easy to replace
  2.    Development board comes with programmer, program can be downloaded on the emulator and programmer �?it can save a lot of money, power supply and a USB line to complete the download is very convenient.
  3.    Flexible power supply, USB connect to computer for power supply or an external 5 v dc.
  4.    Although board has integrated the BSL programmer, but for the convenience of the users have the emulator remains a standard JTAG interface (14 needle)
  5.    The minimum system board with some common resources, such as four separate buttons and eight program control LED, infrared receiver head, ADC a potentiometer input, etc 6, Has the USB power supply and online programming interface, dc power supply interface, RS232 interface, RS485 interface, DS18B20 temperature sensor interface, LCD1602 and LCD12864 interfaces, the interface of wireless module NRF24L01, NRF905 wireless module interface, JTAG simulation programming interface.


  • Onboard low frequency 32.768khz, 8m high frequency oscillator.
  • Onboard 8 bright red water lights and equipped to enable jumpers.
  • 4-way independent quality key input, can be achieved such as separate buttons or adjust the DS1302.
  • Onboard RS232 serial communication circuit, you can communicate with the computer.
  • DS1302 real-time clock, and leads to the clock backup battery interface.
  • Providing 3.3v and 5v power output.
  • Using the standard 14-pin JTAG interface, support for hardware simulation.
  • VS1838 infrared receiver, the remote control can be carried out experiments.
  • RS485 communication circuit, effectively improve the communication distance and multi-machine data transfer.
  • Onboard BSL downloads, support USB direct download to MCU.
  • Minimum system board removable for easy replacement of the same type chip.
  • Supports 12864 image LCD.
  • 1602 LCD support.
  • 2-channel AD converter circuit can be realized analog to digital conversion experiments.
  • Temperature sensor circuit, simply insert the sensor to work.
  • To support the expansion NRF905 wireless module.
  • To support the expansion NRF24L01/CC1100 modules.


  • chipset: MSP430F149
  • Board Size: about 10.5(L)*7.5(W)*1.5 cm(H)

Package list

  • Development board x 1
  • CPU core board empty board x 1
  • Male to male USB extension cable (43cm) x 1
  • Dupont wire (18cm) x 10
  • Studs x 4
  • Screws x 4

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