RasPoE:Raspberry Pi PoE shield

RasPoE:Raspberry Pi PoE shield

Shield para alimentar a tu Raspberry a través de un cable Ethernet


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The Ell-i PoE Board is an open source Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) expansion board for Raspberry Pi models B+ and 2B, powering the Raspberry through the Ethernet cable. The basic version contains two Ethernet connectors, one for the incoming connector from a PoE capable Ethernet switch and another one for a jumper cable to connect to the RasPi regular Ethernet connector. We can modify the design to suit your application. Contact for details. The PoE Board is designed to be fitted over the Raspberry itself, with suitable holes for the various connectors on the Raspberry PCB. While the board keeps itself in place when fitted on the Raspberry pin expansion header, we recommend securing the expansion board with screws. There are four screw holes aligned with the RasPi PCB screw holes. The board contains the circuitry for Power-over-Ethernet physical layer power negotiation, presenting itself as a Class 0 device, and a fully isolated switched mode power supply (SMPS). The board is IEEE 802.3af compliant.


  • Input voltage: 36-56 V
  • Output voltage: 5 V
  • Output current: 10-1300mA
  • Max output power: 6.5 W

Package list

  • RasPoE PCBA x1
  • M2.5 * 6mm Nylon standoff x4
  • short Ethernet cable x1

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