La placa-computadora Odroid C1+ es ideal para procesos de uso general en desarrollos software.


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Why settle for a lower specification single-board computer?  For less money, get a quad-core CPU + dual-core GPU + 1GB DDR3 RAM + Gigabit Ethernet + 4x USB2.0 ports + infrared receiver + more!

The C1+ makes the perfect single-board computer for general purpose computing, software development and projects.  The ODROID-C1+ gives loads of satisfaction and fun with incredible performance at a tiny price.

Check out the December 2014 issue of ODROID Magazine for all the details of this great board.



  • Powerful Linux/Android Computer
  • 1.5GHz quad-core CPU, dual-core GPU, 1GB RAM
  • 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet with RJ-45 LAN jack
  • 4 x high speed USB2.0 host ports
  • 40 GPIO pins (quasi-Raspberry Pi compatible - pins 37, 38, and 40 are not compatible with the Pi B+ as they are dedicated for analog inputs)
  • Linux or Android available
  • Size: 85 x 56 x 18 mm, Weight: 40g
  • Package includes main board




  • Full-sized HDMI connector (Type A)
  • Heat sink included (a $3.95 value)!
  • Expanded microSD card compatibility - The original C1 worked optimally with a specific set of microSD cards, and using a non-compliant card would sometimes result in a slow-booting or non-booting image. The C1+ is compatible with a wider array of microSD cards.
  • Improved CEC functionality - The CEC hardware has been updated to operate regardless of the presence of an RTC backup battery.
  • USB OTG power path - A small hardware modification could be performed on the original C1 to allow it to be powered via the USB OTG port. This modification is now standard with the C1+ model.
  • I2S signals exposed for external audio DAC - The I2S signals can be easily accessed on the C1+ in order to permit the use of an external audio Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC).




  • No power supply included - Consider an ODROID 5VDC/2A power supply or an ODROID Smart Power supply, both available on this site
  • No microSD or eMMC card included - eMMC memory is much faster than microSD memory
  • No case included
  • No HDMI cable included - needed to connect to a display device









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