VoCore v1.0 Linux SBC with WiFi

VoCore v1.0 Linux SBC with WiFi

VoCore es una pequeña placa con el poder de una computadora (Linux). Incluye WiFi, USB, GPIOs y más!

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VoCore is a tiny single-board computer. Use it for all types of projects where tiny size, inexpensive cost and built-in WiFi are important. The VoCore is open hardware which runs OpenWrt (Linux) and has WiFi, USB, UART, 20+ GPIOs and more. One inch square!

OpenWRT is a popular router firmware, so the VoCore is by default a super tiny WiFi router!



  • One-inch square
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Built-in Antenna
  • UART
  • 20+ GPIO Pins
  • Runs OpenWRT (Linux-based) - Preloaded!


  • Attach Power
  • Connect to SSID "VoCore" from your wireless device (phone, computer, laptop, tablet, ODROID, etc.)
  • Open a browser and go to (login is user: root, pass: vocore)
  • Alternately, open an SSH session (PuTTY, etc.) and connect to (login is user: root, pass: vocore)



The RT5350 SoC combines Ralink’s IEEE 802.11n draft compliant 1T1R MAC/BBP/PA/RF, a high performance 360 MHz MIPS24KEc CPU core, a 5-port integrated 10/100 Ethernet switch/PHY and a USBhost/device. With the RT5350, there are very few external components required for 2.4 GHz 802.11n wireless products. The RT5350 employs Ralink’s 2nd generation 802.11n technologies for longer range and better throughput. The embedded, high performance CPU can easily manage advanced applications such as Wi-Fi data processing without overloading the host processor. In addition, the RT5350 offers a variety of hardware interfaces (SPI/I2S/I2C/PCM/UART/USB) to support a range of possible applications.


  • iNIC
  • AP/Router
  • Embedded Applications


  • Embedded 1T1R 2.4G CMOS RF
  • Embedded 802.11n 1T1R MAC/BBP withMLD enhancement
  • Embedded PA/LNA
  • 150 Mbps PHY data rate
  • 20 Mhz/40 MHz channel width
  • Legacy and high throughout modes
  • Compressed block ACK
  • Bluetooth Co-existence
  • Multiple BSSID (up to 16)
  • WEP64/128, WPA, WPA2, WAPI engines
  • QOS - WMM, WMM Power Save
  • Hardware frame aggregation
  • Supports 802.11h TPC
  • MIPS 24KEc 360 Mhz with 32 KB I cache/16KB D cache
  • Supports 16-bit SDR SDRAM (up to 64 MB)
  • Supports boot from ROM, FLASH
  • USB 2.0 HOST/Device dual mode x1
  • Embedded 5-port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch and 5-port UTP PHY
  • Supports 5 10/100 UTP ports
  • Slow speed I/O : GPIO, SPI, I2C, I2S, PCM,UART, and JTAG

Packaging and I/O voltage

  • 12 mm x 12 mm TFBGA-196 package
  • I/O: 3.3 V I/O



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