Ameba RTL8195 Arduino Wireless Board

Ameba RTL8195 Arduino Wireless Board

Módulo Realtek ARM Cortex M3 compatible con Arduino. Incluye WiFi y lector NFC (RFID).

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Ameba is an Arduino-compatible development board for internet of things, beside WiFi connectivity, it also includes an NFC tag, and can support Ethernet via Arduino compatible headers. The brain of the board is Realtek RTL8195AM ARM Cortex M3 MCU that includes WiFi connectivity, hardware SSL, SRAM, and flash. It provides the optimal solution for the maker community and Quadcopter, Solar Energy system, Sensor Environment, automation solutions and etc.






  1. CPU- 32-bit ARM Cortex M3, up to 166MHz

  2. Memory- 1MB ROM, 512KB SRAM, 2MB SDRAM additional 2MB Flash on board

  3. Integrated with 802.11 b/g/n 1x1 Wi-Fi

  4. NFC Tag with Read/Write Function

  5. 10/100 Ethernet MII/ RMII/RGMII Interface

  6. Wifi antenna design included, printed antenna on board and high gain dipole antenna

  7. USB OTG

  8. SDIO Device/SD card controller

  9. Hardware SSL engine

  10. Maximum 30 GPIOs

  11. 2 SPI Interfaces and support both master and slave mode

  12. 3 UART Interfaces including 2 HS-UART and one log UART

  13. 4 I2C Interfaces and support both master and slave mode

  14. 2 I2S/PCM Interfaces and support both master and slave mode

  15. 4 PWM interfaces

  16. 2 ADC interfaces

  17. 1 DAC interfaces


Ameba SDK


Standard SDK is released - V3.4b3[Std. SDK]


Full-fledged Standard SDK is now released for download. In the Standard SDK, we provide support to cost-effective Ameba IC and connect to a number of cloud services easily. With the detailed control in all aspects, Standard SDK is your best choice. Please refer to Getting Started.

Ameba Applications

Ameba Quadcopter - V1.1.1[ARDUINO]


Quadcopter is a popular application of development boards. Try to build an Ameba quadcopter on your own and enjoy aviation! Please refer to our example.

Ameba with Solar Energy - V1.0.9[ARDUINO]


In the pursuit of the sustainable energy, solar energy is one of the widely-used sustainable energy source. In release 1.0.9, let's equip Ameba with lasting solar energy, build your application without worrying about the battery replacement. Please refer to our example.

Sensor support - V1.0.8[ARDUINO]


The rapid revolution of sensors changes the human life style. With various applications, the sensors enrich our life and make our life more exciting. In release 1.0.8, let's build appications with sensors and experience the infinite possibilities in the IoT world. Please refer to our example.

Be your eyes - V1.0.7[ARDUINO]


As the drone takes your eyes to the sky, let Ameba be your eyes and extend your eyesight. Let's begin with some fun, please refer to example .

                                                             Fun Time! – V1.0.6


Remote control cars were our best friend in our childhood. In release 1.0.6, Ameba releases AmebaMotors Library, to help you to build a remote control car with ease, and without worrying about APP development. Please refer to our example.

Save energy & Save the Earth: Power Management – V1.0.5


To get rid of the electrical wiring and build environment-friendly applications, it is important that the power consumption is well-managed. In release 1.0.5, we introduce a number of power-saving mode of Ameba, and provide easy-to-use power management API. Please refer to our example.

                                                       Fits most IoT Applications.




  • • 1x Ameba Arduino Wireless Board

  • • 1x ANT connector for external WiFi Antenna



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