Super Capacitor - 2.5V 630 Farad

Super Capacitor - 2.5V 630 Farad

Impresionante supercapacitor de 630 Faradios y 2.5V. Cargado puede almacenar más de 1900 Joules de energía! ATENCION: No cortocircuitar, no alimentar con más de 2.5V, no invertir la polaridad!

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When I was studying power supply electronics in school, the instructor always talked about adding BFC's to the circuit - Big Freakin' Capacitors. This here is UHFC - Unbelievably HugeFreaking Capacitor. If you have a super-cap project that needs up to 630 Farads of capacitance, check it out. Like most super-caps it has a 2.5V-max rated voltage, and remember that unlike a voltage-output battery the voltage drops immediately as it discharges.

You can use this as a stand-in for a battery, its huge but can charge fast and doesn't degrade like NiMH or Li-Ion/LiPoly batteries. We like to refer to this MAXIM super-cap calculator to figure out how long we can run a project.

Super capacitors are powerful beasts: the ultra low ESR means that shorting the outputs will create a big spark! Care must be used when working with charged super-caps, these are only for experts who are comfortable with high-current-capable power supplies.



  • 2.5V rated maximum voltage. 630 Farads.
  • This datasheet covers the DL series, this is the older version of what is now the 700F rated cap so the specs will be similar
  • 105mm long x 35mm diameter / 4.1" long x 1.4" diameter
  • Weight: 135.2g

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