MT9V111 640x480 camera with OV7670

MT9V111 640x480 0.3 Mega pixels Camera compatible With OV7670

Módulo con cámara integrada basada en el MT9V111 de 0.3 Mega Pixels (640 x 480). Ofrece compatibilidad con OV7670, siendo compatible con Arduino, ARM, DSP, FPGA, etc.

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Product description

The camera module is powered from a single +3.3V power supply. An external oscillator provide the clock source for camera module XCLK pin. With proper configuration to the camera internal registers via I2C bus, then the camera supply pixel clock (PCLK) and camera data (Data[9:0]) back to the host with synchronize signal like HREF and VSYNC. 
The OV7670 camera module is a low cost 0.3 mega pixel CMOS color camera module, it can output 640x480 VGA resolution image at 30fps. The OV7670 camera module build in onboard LDO regulator only single 3.3V power needed and can be used in Arduino, STM32, Chipkit, ARM, DSP , FPGA and etc. 


  • Optical size 1/6 inch. 
  • Resolution 640x480 VGA. 
  • Onboard regulator, only single 3.3V supply needed. 
  • Mounted with high quality F1.8 / 6mm lens .
  • High sensitivity for low-light operation. 
  • VarioPixel® method for sub-sampling. 
  • Automatic image control functions including: Automatic. 
  • Exposure Control (AEC), Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Automatic White Balance (AWB), Automatic .
  • Band Filter (ABF), and Automatic Black-Level Calibration (ABLC). 
  • Image quality controls including color saturation, hue, gamma, sharpness (edge enhancement), and anti-blooming. 
  • ISP includes noise reduction and defect correction.
  • Supports LED and flash strobe mode. 
  • Supports scaling. 
  • Lens shading correction. 
  • Flicker (50/60 Hz) auto detection. 
  • Saturation level auto adjust (UV adjust). 
  • Edge enhancement level auto adjust. 
  • De-noise level auto adjust. 
  • Package dimensions: 1 x 3 x 5 inches.
  • Weight: 0.02 pounds.


Cellular phones,PDAs,Toys,Other battery-powered products. 

Packing included:

  • 1pcs 640x480 0.3 MegaPixelS VGA CMOS OV7670 Camera Module. 

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