OV5647 Camera Board + LS-40180 Fisheye Lens for Raspberry Pi

OV5647 Camera Board /w M12x0.5 mount LS-40180 Fisheye Lens for Raspberry Pi

Mini cámara OV5647 de alta Definición (2592 x 1944) 1080p - 30 fps con lente ojo de pez. La conexión a la Raspberry se realiza por medio del cable flat incluido en el producto. Montaje CS.

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Item Description:

      The Raspberry Pi Camera Module is a custom designed add-on for Raspberry Pi. It attaches to Raspberry Pi by way of one of the two small sockets on the board upper surface. This interface uses the dedicated CSI interface, which was designed especially for interfacing to cameras. The CSI bus is capable of extremely high data rates, and it exclusively carries pixel data. Raspberry Pi NOT INCLUDED

      The board itself is tiny, at around 36mm x 36mm highlight of our module is that the Lens is replaceable compared to official one, making it perfect for mobile or other applications where size and image quality are important. It connects to Raspberry Pi by way of a short ribbon cable. The camera is connected to the BCM2835 processor on the Pi via the CSI bus, a higher bandwidth link which carries pixel data from the camera back to the processor. This bus travels along the ribbon cable that attaches the camera board to the Pi.

      The sensor itself has a native resolution of 5 megapixel, and has a fixed focus lens onboard. In terms of still images, the camera is capable of 2592 x 1944 pixel static images, and also supports 1080p30, 720p60 and 640x480p60/90 video.

      The camera is supported in the latest version of Raspbian, Raspberry Pi's preferred operating system.


  • Raspberry Pi HD Camera.
  • High-Definition video camera for Raspberry Pi Model A or B.
  • Omnivision 5647 sensor in a fixed-focus module with replaceable Lense.
  • Lens holder: M12x0.5 or CS Mount.
  • 5MPixel sensor.
  • Integral IR filter.
  • Still picture resolution: 2592 x 1944.
  • Max video resolution: 1080p.
  • Max frame rate: 30fps.
  • Size: 36 x 36 mm.
  • Connection by flat ribbon cable to 15-pin MIPI Camera Serial Interface (CSI) connector S5 on Raspberry Pi computer board.
  • Visit for more wide angle fish eye lenses and get technical support.
  • The Camera Lens for Raspberry Pi Camera Board is LS-40180 Fish Eye.
  • The LS-40180 Lens Specification :


Package Include:

  • 1pcs Raspberry Pi Camera Board /w M12x0.5 mount LS-40180 Fish Eye Lens. 
  • 1pcs 15cm 15-pin flat ribbon cable.
  • NOTE:Raspberry Pi NOT INCLUDED.


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