5 Channel Infrared Detection Tracing Photoelectric Sensor


Módulo que incluye 5 canales de sensores fotoeléctricos infrarrojos para la detección de objetos. Puede utilizarse parqa implementar un robot seguidor de línea.

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BFD-1000 is NewWay electronic tracking robot for the majority want to make friends and cordial to a cost-effective , versatile tracking module, which is sufficient to meet the daily tracking tasks, but also with infrared distance sensor , touch sensor , designed to make your robot can adapt more cases .

BFD-1000 specially designed for black ( white ) Seek the line , especially for complex black and white lines, testing lines of black and white cross , which has 6-channel infrared sensor with high sensitivity ( 5-way transmission line , a road unblinded ) , able to accurately identify the black and white lines , it has the following functions and features :


Integrated 5-way tracking sensor with high sensitivity for small impact on the environment , can accurately complex black line ( white line ) to track , for a simple black line tracing more ease.
Barrier infrared sensor integrated way , unblinded distance by sliding rheostat adjustment.
A touch sensor designed to make easier the design and from the robot .
All output signals are digital signals ( high and low ) , connected to the convenience and microcontrollers.
All LED lights have a sensor output status indication as to facilitate debugging.
Supply voltage is 3.0-5.5v to meet the needs of most systems .


Operating Voltage  3.-5.5V
Detecting distance 0-4cm (black line sensor)
Output Type Digital output (high and low)

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