CL-4 Aluminium Robot Arm Clamp Claw Mount Kit with MG996R Servo


Kit de robótica que incluye una garra para armar y un servo. Ideal para fines educativos.


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This is an all-metal mechanical claw kit, which can be controlled by the MG996R, the assembly process is relatively simple, suitable for robot education hands-on training. Assembly of the finished machine claw clamping force, structural stability, it can be precise control with MG996R steering gear and the appropriate controller. This claw can be used in DIY robots, in many applications which can play an important role, you can try to use it to create a grasping crane machine. A multi-degree of freedom of the robot, or even a fighting robot.


  • Aluminium Clamp unassembled Servos
  • Durable Metal Gear/li>
  • Dual Ball Bearing
  • Programmable Digital Amplifier with Mosft Drive
  • Less Noise

Specifications (Claw)

  • Material: Hard aluminum alloy
  • Weight: about 40g (without servo)
  • The maximum angular spacing: 86mm
  • Overall length: 83 mm (maximum overall length when the claws are closed)
  • Overall width (maximum overall width when paw is opened): 150 mm
  • Overall width (maximum overall width when paw is closed): 55mm
  • Overall thickness: 54mm (maximum overall thickness of the pawl with steering gear)

Specifications (MG996R)

  • Product Name: TOWER PRO MG996R (MG995 upgrade product)
  • Factory number: MG996R
  • Product weight: 55g
  • Product size: 40.7 * 19.7 * 42.9mm
  • Product pull: 9.4kg / cm (4.8V), 11kg / cm (6V)
  • Reaction speed: 0.17 sec / 60 degree (4.8 v)
  • Reaction speed: 0.14 sec / 60 degree (6 v)
  • Working voltage: 4.8-7.2V
  • Operating temperature: 0 ºC -55 ºC
  • Gear type: metal gear
  • Operating deadband: 5us (microseconds)

Package list

  • Full metal construction kit x1
  • MG996R x 1

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