ESP-14 Wifi Board (Embedded with STM8S003F3P6)


Módulo Wi-Fi ESP-14 con un micro STM8S003F3P6 embebido cuyo puerto serie esta conectado al ESP8266, de manera de poder controlarlo a través de comandos AT; ideal para proyectos de IoT.


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Product Description

  • Based on ESP-12E prototype design
  • Inside adds STM8S003F3P6, STM8S can control ESP8266 by AT commands. The module is a complete STM8S MCU, can operate WIFI via STM8 microcontroller programming..
  • Very compact package size and ultra-low power technology
  • Can be widely used in smart home network and IoT, for connecting the device to the user’s physical Wi-Fi wireless network for Internet or LAN communications, networked functions.
  • The module is built into a powerful STM8003 chips, all the pins are lead out, and the serial port from STM8003 is connected with ESP8266
  • You can write STM8 program, ESP8266 implementation of most of the smart lamp home and WIFI things through AT command control Features.


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