DC Digi-Display Current Meter Ammeter 0 - 50A


Amperímetro digital de tres dígitos, de corriente continua con rango 0 - 50A.


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Product Description


With reverse polarity protection to prevent reverse burn; with 50/75mV shunt, easy to wire; small size, beautiful appearance, easy to install.

Factory with special equipment supporting the header and shunt calibration to ensure the accuracy of the ammeter high accuracy far more than those (header + shunt) no calibration of the manufacturers.


  • Opening size: 45.5mm * 26.5mm
  • Dimensions: 48mm * 29mm * 21mm
  • Ammeter measuring range: 0 - 50A DC
  • Supply voltage: DC 4-28V 2 Line Access (Use low voltage is better, 5V or 12V are the preferable option)
  • Weight: 23 g / only + 60g Shunt
  • Display: 0.56" LED
  • Display color: red
  • Refresh rate: about 500ms /
  • Measurement Accuracy: ± (2% +2 dig)


  • The power supply end and measuring end the ammeter use the shared ground design, which means the power supply GND and measuring GND is connected, so the ammeter measuring end can only series connect after the load (which is the measured device negative end and measured device power negative end)
  • Recommended the ammeter use separated power supply

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