SIM800 development board module GSM/GPRS

SIM800 development board module GSM GPRS MMS, SMS, STM32 for

Placa de desarrollo para tecnologías GSM, GPRS, MMS, SMS basados en el famoso módulo SIM800.

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The advantages of the board:
Serial interface circuit, TTL serial support STC89C51/52, STM32 and MSP430 single chip microcomputer.Need only 3 to 4 thread you'll be able to control.
Antenna circuit: three common antenna interface (SMA interface card board reserved not welding)
Two way power interface: DCIN GND, 5 v - 18 v dc power supply;3 v8 GND, 3.5-4.2 V power supply, suitable for lithium battery power supply applications.
Audio interface: increased by 3.5 MM audio interface, easily implement voice calls, voice broadcast, etc.
SIM booth: new mainstream type metal MICRO thrust booth, strong and durable.
LED indicator light: onboard necessary two LED indicators.Let you in real time indicator module working condition.
PCB show: each interface screen printing mark, convenient for secondary development, the design fully follow SIM800 / A hardware design manual.
Shipping list :
1. A UNV - SIM800 phonetic version mainboard module
2. A SMA antenna


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