Lithium Battery Charge and 5V Boost Board

Lithium Battery Charge and 5V Boost Board

Módulo basado en el integrado IC5306, soporta carga de baterías de Litio a una tasa de 2A. La placa incluye dos salidas USB, una entrada microUSB de 5V para la carga, el conector para la batería y leds de indicación de nivel de batería.


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Product Description

  • Based on Chinese power bank (portable battery power supply) mature solution IC 5306, this is the demo board.
  • Support Lithium battery charge on 2A rate. Single 2A boosted 5V output or two 1.2A 5V output, great for portable 5V device like Raspberry pi.
  • SOP8 and simpe perpherial circuit, very good performace.
  • Due to the simple perpherial circuit, it is easy to redesign and customize.
  • Board interface inlcudes:
    • Two reserved USB output
    • MicroUSB 5V charge input
    • XH2.54 and 2-pin battery connecto
    • 4 LEDs battery volume indicator (100%, <75%, <50%, <25%)
    • Push button and light: short press to acivate from sleep, or long press to turn on/off light.
  • Note:
    • Board will auto enter into sleep mode when no load.
    • Output two USB A port and XH2.54 smd connector is not soldered yet.

About 5306 IC:

  • Synchronous switch charge and discharge
    • 2.4A synchronous boost conversion, 2.1A synchronous switch charging
    • boost efficiency up to 96%
    • Charging efficiency up to 97%
    • Built-in power path management, support edge charge side
    • support load large current line fill function
  • Charge
    • adaptive charge current regulation, matching all adapters
    • Charging voltage accuracy: ± 0.5%
    • Supports 4.20 / 4.30 / 4.35 / 4.40V battery
  • Power display
    • support 4,3,2,1 LED power display
  • Feature-rich
    • Push the key
    • Built-in lighting driver
    • Automatically detect phone insertion and removal
  • Low power consumption
    • intelligent identification load, automatic standby
    • Standby power consumption is less than 100 μA
  • BOM minimalist
    • Power MOS built-in, single inductor to achieve charge and discharge
  • Multiple protection, high reliability
    • output overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit protection
    • input overvoltage, overcharge, over discharge, over-current discharge protection
    • machine over-temperature protection
    • ESD 4KV, instantaneous pressure 12V

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