Altera CPLD EPM570 Dev. Board


Placa de desarrollo para aprender a programar CPLD(Dispositivos logicos programables complejos), verilog y VHDL, basada en el EPM570T100CN.


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Product Description


  • A very price-effective board for learning CPLD, verilog and VHDL language.
  • On Board Chip EPM570T100CN.
  • Package include high quality 5V/2A power plug (220V), 2 meters cable
  • Package include 3mm acrylic transparent cover, in order to against ESD short, self installation.
  • Black and ENIG board technique, machine soldering, very well quality
  • All the pins are lead out (2*20-2.54mm pitch) and marked, very easy to find and use.
  • 50mhz main working crystal, backup crystal can be soldered on the back of the board to use.
  • Use AMS117-3v3 to supply the operational volt, use plenty of filter capacitors for filtering design.

On Board Resource:

  • 5V DC power plug
  • Red status LED indicating power
  • Self-lock power switch
  • A system reset switch, can also be used as an input switch
  • (Note some relevant genius software you will need to find by yourself)


  • Do not plug the JTAG with power, this will damage the board
  • Burned program blink LED on factory setting, when you power the board, the series LED will blink
  • Board support both EPM240T100C5N and EPM570T100C5N
  • For EPM570T100C5N: Pin 37, 90 must connect to GND; pin 39, 88 must connect 3.3V. There four jumpers on the board, please do not remove 

Package includes:

  • Altera EPM570 board
  • 5V/2A power plug
  • Acrylic cover and screws

More features about this CPLD IC please see on this page.

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