HP 720P HD Laptop Embedded Web Camera, Dual Mic, Support RPI


Cámara web para laptop de alta resolución, 720P HD. Posee dos micrófonos y conexión por cable USB.


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This is a very cool web camera developed by HP, it has many nice features such like drive free on RPI, dual microphone input.


  • High resolution up to 720P HD
  • Dual Microphone (not yet tested under Raspberry Pi RPI)
  • Drive free on Raspberry Pi, openwrt (MJPG), Windows from win 7, etc for video
  • 5pins connector on camera board
  • USB cable
  • OEM by Taiwan Chicony, also recognized this name in RPI
  • SunplusIT on board control IC


  • Can not provide any extra technical support, like android or so.

Package only includes on the camera with USB cable, NOT including the rack.

Basic Usage:

  • Update on your RPI
  • run lsusb you will find some line like: Bus 001 Device 006: ID 04f2:b2c3 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd
  • install the simple capture tool: sudo apt-get install fswebcam
  • make an instant capture image: fswebcam electrodragon.jpg

See how to use it with motion here.

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