New WeMos D1 R2 V2.1.0 WiFi Uno Based ESP8266

New WeMos D1 R2 V2.1.0 WiFi Uno Based ESP8266

Placa de desarrollo WeMos basada en el ESP-8266EX compatible con Arduino UNO, conectividad WiFi, se puede programar con el Arduino IDE, soporta OTA (Over the Air Programming) entre otros. Ideal para proyectos de IoT (Internet of Things).

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The D1 R2 is a WiFi capable ESP8266EX based development board in the form of the Arduino UNO board format.

This board is compatible with the Arduino IDE and with NodeMCU.The D1 R2 also features an on-board switching power supply which allows you to power the board from a power supply up to 12V.


  • Based on the ESP-8266EX.
  • Arduino Compatible, you can use it on Arduino IDE.
  • NodeMcu Compatible
  • 11 Digital I/O pins
  • 1 Analog Input pin
  • OTA -- Wireless Upload(Program)
  • On board switching power supply -- Max 24V input, 5V 1A output


What's new about V2.1.0

Use BRT (Bias Resistor Transistor), easier into flash mode.

Optimize the circuit, the system is more stable.



 The D1 R2 is a 3.3V device. If you connect it to 5V digital sensors or devices you may need a logic-level converter such as our 4-channel or 8-channel logic-level converter modules.

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