Circular LED Bargraphs - Green

Circular LED Bargraphs - Green

Indicador de LEDs circular, ideal para complementar la indicación de posición de un potenciómetro o encoder.


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Description: These circular LED displays are a lot of fun. Essentially, these are what you would get if you could 'wrap' one of our LED bargraphs around a circle. They consist of 16 green LEDs arranged so that each quarter of the circle has a common ground and four anode pins, resulting in 20 pins total on the device. Because they're simply a bunch of cleverly packaged LEDs, they're just as easy to use as our LED bargraphs. These are great for indicating the position of a rotary encoder!


  • 16 Green LEDs
  • Max Forward Voltage: 3.6V
  • Dominant Wavelength: 535nm
  • Continuous Forward Current: 25mA

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