ESP Relay Board IL (Inductive Load)

ESP Relay Board IL (Inductive Load)

Módulo IoT de 2 relés con WiFi, basado en el ESP8266. Incluye gabinete plástico. Alimentación 85 a 265 VCA (soporta 110 y 220 VCA). Optimizado para manejar cargas Inductivas. No posee sensor de temperatura.


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  • This is a optimize version based on our ESP Relay Board
  • Specially optimized to switch inductive load, when original esp relay board is not stable, has restart from time to time, you can try this one.
  • The board removed DHT22 temperature sensor socket, but added capacitive load kickback circuit. 
  • Request and approved by customer, also tested to switch 220VAC 2A motor.
  • The board use general purpose relay, HF32F-G. Resistive load rate at 10A, for inductive load better no more than 5A. More information please read on relays specifications datasheet.


  • Main board full assembled.
  • Plastic enclosure.
  • Not including screws for less than 5 kits from December 2017 (Which cause shaky sounds inside and will trigger security failure of shipment, it significally delay shipment.)
  • Please prepare M2*8 or M2.2*6, etc crews by yourself.


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