DS3231 Real Time Clock Module 3.3V/5V without battery

DS3231 Real Time Clock Module 3.3V/5V without battery

Módulo RTC de alta precisión basado en el DS3231. Posee interfaz I2C. Se puede utilizar en proyectos de Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC, AVR.

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Product Features:


  • Timing accuracy (in a plus or minus): ± 5ppm (± 0.432 sec / day).
  • Power supply voltage: +2.3V to +5.5V .
  • ±3ºC accuracy digital temperature sensor.
  • To provide continuous battery backup.
  • Temperature range: -40ºC to +85ºC.
  • Low-power consumption.
  • Device package and function compatible with the DS3231.
  • Complete clock calendar functions which include seconds, minutes, hours, date, month and year, and provide valid until the year 2100 leap year compensation.
  • Two calendar alarm.
  • 1Hz and 32.768kHz output.
  • Reset button debounced input and output.
  • High-speed (400kHz) I2C serial bus
  • Modules can adapt itself 3.3V and 5V systems without level conversion, super convenience.
  • DS3231 RTC IC, Compatible with the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.



Package included:

1  x  DS3231 Real Time Clock Module.



  • Voltage Range 3.3~5.5V.
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi and Arduino.




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