MU - A Smart Vision Sensor

MU - A Smart Vision Sensor

Este compacto y potente dispositivo posee múltiples funciones de reconocimiento de imágenes, tales como detección de objetos, rostros, expresiones, formas, seguimiento de objetos, evasión, etc. Asimismo posee salida de voz y transmisor IR para comunicarse con dispositivos compatibles. Por último brinda la posibilidad de ser acoplado a ciertos robots LEGO para convertirlos en dispositivos autónomos!. Para amantes de la robótica y de proyectos DIY.

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MU is a gadget that can be used with IR toys including LEGO Power Functions and some HexBug robots to turn them into autonomous robots. You can use MU to get a HEXBUG spider to follow a line or a LEGO Power Functions and vehicle to follow a person. For children who already own LEGO Power Functions, HexBug Robots or Edison Robot, Mu can be a smart eye for all of them. For maker, they can work directly with the Mu via a cable, then get sensor data from Mu and handle it using additional hardware like Arduino. By realize these functions, the small round device integrates a rechargeable battery, a camera, a processor that's programmed to interpret what the camera sees, a speaker for sound and voice output and an IR transmitter that is used to send IR remote commands to existing toys.



For now MU can only support 3 kinds of IR toys from Morpx's official anouncement, however you may find some other IR toys can also work with MU, for more information about toys that support MU, welcome to visit the Forum of MU.




  • Recognize Faces.
  • Find the owner, and say hello.
  • Follow People.
  • When a person is close by, MU can follow the person.
  • Track Lines.
  • MU can follow the line that the kids draw.
  • Track Balls.
  • MU can find the ball, fetch it and take it to a person nearby.

Technical Details:

Dimensions 36.4mm x 36.4mm x 25.2mm
Weight G.W 30g    N.W 21g
Battery Lithium Cells / Batteries contained in equipment UN3481 - PI967
Processor STM32 F1 Series(ARM cortex M3)
Camera Omnivorous VGA @30fps
Battery 300mAh LiPo Battery / 3 hours of battery life
I/O SPI/I2C/6 sets of PWM/Micro USB
Communication Infra-Red LED*4
Light RGB LED*2
Sound 0.5w speaker*1
Support MU4Toys APP(Coming soon)


Part List:

MU robotic head 1
Data cable 1
OTG Plug with Android device 1
Universal mount 1
User manual 1
Double-sided foam stickers 2






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