Raspberry Pi 3 Smart Temperature Fan/RGB LED/DS1302 Real Time Clock Hat Baord

Raspberry Pi 3 Smart Temperature Fan/RGB LED/DS1302 Real Time Clock Hat Baord

Placa de expansión para Raspberry Pi la cual integra un mini ventilador controlado por temperatura, un módulo RGB LED de 12 bits, Y un módulo DS1302 (reloj en tiempo real). Diseñado para proyectos DIY. Compatible con Raspberry Pi 3 /2B.


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Are you still worrying about realizing the smart control of Raspberry Pi 3 without hardware module support? Now we have this smart learning expansion board for Raspberry Pi, it includes RGB LED module, DS1302 real-time clock module and adjustable temperature control DC fan module. You can learn the program of these three modules, and it does not require soldering, so it’s convenient for you to learn more about Raspberry Pi.
The smart fan and power expansion board is designed for DIY makers, especially for Raspberry Pi lover, compatible with Raspberry Pi 3/ 2B.


  • The fan is adjustable by the temperature automatically, environmental protection and energy saving.
  • Cooling fan can be replaced, please refer to fan specification.
  • Programmable control.
  • 2 channels of output power.
  • 12 full-color LED lights, breath lamp function.
  • DS1302 real-time clock function.



  • Wide voltage input: 6v-14v (with power switch)
  • Size: 55 x 64 x 18 mm
  • Output: DC 5v with dual output 4A
  • Temperature range and accuracy:
  • -25 �?? ~ +100 �?? when the ± 2 �??
  • -55 �?? ~ +125 �?? when the ± 3 �??


Package list:

  • Expansion board (not include Raspberry Pi)
  • Mini fan (with install screws)

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