Gravity: UART A6 GSM & GPRS Module

Gravity: UART A6 GSM & GPRS Module

Módulo A6 con funcionalidad GSM/GPRS. Posee interfaz UART. Permite enviar SMS y realizar llamadas telefónicas. Incluye un Jack de 3.5mm y antena externa. Excelente producto para ser utilizado en Proyectos de Internet de las Cosas (IoT). Puede ser conectado a un Arduino o bien de forma directa a una PC a través de un Conversor Serie-USB. Soporta comandos AT.


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With the blooming development of IoT (Internet of Things), more and more people are dedicated to pursue their own IoT dreams. However traditional IoT technologies are mainly evolved on the basis of Wi-Fi features, which leads to a barrier of development related to Geo-limitations that IoT projects cannot be implemented in to outdoors. In light of the popularity of bike-shared system in recent months, GSM Data Communication has been reconsidered as the best choice for outdoor IoT solution.

The Gravity: A6 GSM & GPRS Module is a new GSM & GPRS communication module presented by DFRobot. Differ from traditional IoT development modules, Gravity: A6 enables its functions basing on GSM instead of Wi-Fi. It can make a call and send text message with the small and portable GSM SIM card. This technological advantage expand the space of IoT application, for the outdoors in particular. 
By means of Gravity:A6 features, you can DIY a telephone with a 3.5mm headphone port. Gravity:A6 also works well in different situations with onboard 1500uF electrolytic capacitor and without any external power supplies even in the instantaneous high current . The module Uart port level is only 2.8V, which means it is compatible with Arduino, Raspberry-Pi and other controllers.


  • Please plug in a standard SIM card in this module. Users of Micro-SIM and Nano-SIM should use a card set.
  • Only support GSM Network.




  • 5V power supply, no external power supply requirement
  • Serial level 2.8V, compatible with Arduino, Raspberry and other Micro-controllers
  • Gravity interface, easy to use
  • Tiny size, suitable for various applications
  • Onboard headset interface, support making a phone call
  • The best solution for Outdoor IOT (Internet of Things) Projects




  • Operating Voltage: 5V.
  • Standby Current: <3mA.
  • Interface: UART (TTL).
  • Working Temperature: -30 ºC ~ +80 ºC.
  • GSM / GPRS band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.
  • Sensitivity:
  • GPRS Class 10.
  • Support VoLTE.
  • Support SMS.
  • Support GPRS data communication, the maximum data transmit rate: download 85.6Kbps, upload 42.8Kbps.
  • Support AT commands.
  • Support for digital audio and analog audio, support HR, FR, EFR, AMR voice coding.
  • Dimension: 45x37 mm/1.78x1.46 inches.
  • Weight: 34g.





  • Gravity: UART A6 GSM & GPRS Module x1.
  • Gravity 4Pin IIC/I2C/UART Sensor Cable x1.
  • Double XH2.54-4P pins x1.

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