AC 220V 4000W SCR Voltage Regulator Dimmer Motor Speed

AC 220V 4000W SCR Voltage Regulator Dimmer Motor Speed

Regulador de voltaje de 4kW de Alterna (AC) basado en SCR. Para aplicaciones relacionadas con regulación de luz, velocidad, y temperatura, tales como hornos eléctricos, calentadores de agua, lámparas, motores universales, planchas eléctricas, etc.

COD: HTHR0214-117A

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  • Most used for adjust the lightness, speed, temperature for current application.
  • Suitable for low voltage driven Heating wire application: Such as cutting Styrofoam, EPE, raincoat production, etc.
  • Working voltage: AC 110V or 220V.
  • Regulation voltage: AC 10-220V.
  • Max power: 4000W (resistive load).
  • Efficiency: 90%.
  • Dimensions: 85 x 55 (do not include knob) x 35MM.
  • Module weight: About 150g.


Safety design:

  • Dual side board design, better quality. Most current in-market product are single side design.
  • With housing with fuse regulator safer, more convenient to install, more suitable for families and convenient installation of factories and enterprises.
  • Use imported brand new SCR 41A.
  • Use 1.6 thick FR4 circuit board temperature, circuit design is reasonable, and used to increase the thickening of the welding path design, even big enough to cope with the current through the use of safer and more reliable.
  • 35A is a standard four terminals, terminal have covered design.
  • Circuit design after several technical improvements, carefully choose every parts, is now fully mature technology. Dual capacitor design (safety capacitor + metal film capacitors) effectively absorb surge and voltage spikes, more effective protection thyristor, using more efficient and safer.
  • Topical 1.5 thick aluminum and stainless steel mold stamping molding, nice, more suitable for families thermostat governor and industrial enterprises to use!.


Please Note:

  • Connect the load first then do the tuning.
  • SCR is mainly used for resistive loads (incandescent electric wire, etc.), most of the single-phase AC motor can, but can not guarantee, other types of loads buyer to confirm their own. Fuse is not a panacea, there is reaction time, if the current is too large, in addition to burn the fuse, the module may also be burned.
  • Note fitting plastic cover due to the installation of the housing, can not be completely open, screwdriver to tighten the side with the point, the other to be careful when opened, excessive force easily snapping the lid, express transportation may also crushed for wearing parts, but does not affect the module uses, any plastic cover issues related to the restaurant is not responsible for the return.

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