LeArm Robot

LeArm Robot

Excelente Kit para armar un brazo robot de 6 articulaciones controlado remotamente vía Bluetooth. Brinda la posibilidad de poder controlarlo mediante aplicaciones Android / iOS desde el celular, o a través de un Joystick. Muy fácil de armar. Para todo tipo de aplicaciones.


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1. All-metal Construction: Metal Claw + Aluminum Bracket + Metal Larger Bottom Plate.
2. 6DOF structural design can make the robotic arm move flexibly, so it can grab objects in any direction.
3.All using high-precision digital servo, which make control more accurate. 
4. Uses 6 channel servo controller with build-in bluetooth 4.0 module.
5. Various control methods, we provide wireless handle and free Android/iOS APP, It is convenient for you to remotely control the robotic arm.
6. Provide detailed video tutorials to learn how to use LeArm; Provide 3D animation to show you how to assemble the robotic arm.

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In order to meet the interest of robotic arm from majority of robot enthusiasts, we launched the high performance desktop robotic arm. It has 6 servos which allow it to grab in any direction.





It has a cool shape and lots of amazing plays. The robotic arm also supports the users to program on the computer. The user can control it by mobile phone APP or wireless handle to execute other fantastic actions. You can also interact with it as a lovely partner in your life which brings you lots of fun.






Introduction to the Bluetooth controller














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