SOIC16 SOP16 Chip IC Test Clips

SOIC16 SOP16 Chip IC Test Clips

Pinza para programación, testeo y diagnosis de integrados SOIC-16 (Small Outline Integrated Circuit). No incluye programador.


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The SOIC package is shorter and narrower than DIPs, the side-to-side pitch being 6 mm for an SOIC-14 (from lead tip to lead tip) and the body width being 3.9 mm. These dimensions differ depending on the SOIC in question, and there are several variants. This package has "gull wing" leads protruding from the two long sides and a lead spacing of 0.050 in (1.27 mm).


Narrow SOIC (JEDEC):

The picture below shows the general shape of a SOIC narrow package, with major dimensions. The values of these dimensions (in mm) for common SOICs is shown in the table.

A general SOIC, with major dimensions.
 C  Clearance between
    IC body and PCB
 H  Total carrier height
 T  Lead thickness
 L  Total carrier length 
 LW Lead width
 LL Lead length
 P  Pitch
 WB IC body width
 WL Lead-to-lead width
 O  End overhang
SOIC-8-N 3.8–4.0 5.8–6.2 1.35–1.75 0.10–0.25 4.8–5.0 1.27 0.41 (1.04) 0.19–0.25 0.35–0.51 0.33
SOIC-14-N 3.8–4.0 5.8–6.2 1.35–1.75 0.10–0.25 8.55–8.75 1.27 1.05 0.19–0.25 0.39–0.46 0.3–0.7
SOIC-16-N 3.8–4.0 5.8–6.2 1.35–1.75 0.10–0.25 9.8–10.0 1.27 1.05 0.19–0.25 0.39–0.46 0.3–0.7
SOIC-16-W 7.4–7.6 10.0–10.65 2.35–2.65 0.10–0.30 10.1–10.5 1.27 0.40–1.27 0.20–0.33 0.31–0.51 0.4–0.9



  • TEST CLIP: SOIC 16/ SOP16.
  • Connector type: Test Clip.
  • Pin format: SOIC / SOP.



Package include:

  • 1x clip.  
  • 1x cable.
  • 1x adaptor board.

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