125Khz RFID Long Distance Module, 40CM, Serial

125Khz RFID Long Distance Module, 40CM, Serial

Módulo lector de tarjetas RFID de largo alcance (máximo 40 cm). Soporta tarjetas de control de acceso de tipo estándar de 125KHz (protocolo de comunicación Wiegand 26): EM4100, 4001, TK4100, EM4305, etc. Posee intefaz Serie para ser utilizado con Arduino. Incluye capacitor de filtrado y antena de 97mm.


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  • Reading distance is far.
  • Strong decoding capability.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Industrial grade, long continuous card reader performance is stable and reliable.
  • Support standard access control standard – 26 bit Wiegand.


  • Built-in CPU decoding, direct serial port 9600 baud TTL level output card number, can also choose Wiegan 26 output card number, the use of very simple.
  • Comes with buzzer, indicator output pin. Direct read when power up.
  • Module size 16 * 24MM, the volume is very small, the antenna can be any match (to support their own winding).
  • The module uses a common 2.54mm pitch pin, can be easily embedded in various systems.
  • Wide voltage supply 3.5V to 6V, current about 25mA.
  • Well tested, mature product.
  • Test the EM standard thick card (Support EM4100, 4001, TK4100, EM4305, etc. 125K RF card card serial number.).
  • Notice demo video shows the best ideal setup, different setup can not get the same good result. 
card type use 45mm Dia. antenna use 97x97mm rectangular antenna  
“nail” pin card 11 cm 14 cm  
Dia. 2.5CM card 13 cm 20 cm  
Dia. 3CM card 16 cm 24 cm  
normal card 18 cm 25 cm  
thick card 25 cm 41 cm  


  • To use with arduino, only need to connect module serial TX pin arduino serial RX pin, which is arduino D0 pin, also common ground.

Package includes:

  • main PCB board
  • one filter capacitor
  • 97mm size antenna
  • and one test-proof card, which can make sure reach 40cm.

Demo video please see on this page.

Documentation please check on this page.


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