Conductive Ink Pen

Conductive Ink Pen

Lápiz con tinta conductora, apto para dibujar circuitos en materiales blandos, como papel y cartón (no apto para vidrio). Muy práctico y fácil de usar!


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Have you already tired of the traditional way about drawing a circuit diagram? Do you want to try some new things? If you come out with the stroke of a circuit diagram that can conduct electricity, so that if everything will become more wonderful and funny? Conductive ink pen to help you achieve all of this, it uses autonomic modulation paint named Buddy, the main ingredient is silver conductive copper mixed powder and nickel powder, it can conduct electricity in two or three minutes after air-dried. With its superior performance, you can do more simple or complex electronic production.
  • Note: Shake well before using and you need to maintain a continuous and uniform line when you write, if still not conducting, you'd better to check and find the break by using the multimeter.

    Conductive Ink Pen

    Conductive Ink Pen

    Conductive Ink Pen


  • Good conductivity.
  • Simplify operation.
  • Easy to use.


  • Capacityï: 6 ml.
  • Weightï: 22g.

Package list:

  • Conductive Ink Pen x 1.

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