ADNS2620 - Optical Mouse Sensor IC

ADNS2620 - Optical Mouse Sensor IC

Sensor óptico de mouse para medir cambios de posición basándose en toma de imágenes (hasta 3000 FPS).


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The ADNS2620 is an easy to use entry level, small form factor optical mouse sensor. This little guy is used to implement a non-mechanical tracking engine for computer mice this allows for more compact and cost-effective optical mouse designs. The ADNS2620 is based on optical navigation technology, which measures changes in position by optically acquiring sequential surface images (frames) and mathematically determining the direction and magnitude of movement.

This optical mouse sensor is housed in an 8-pin staggered DIP format and has a resolution of 400 counts per inch with rates of motion up to 12" per second.

Dimensions: 12.5mm x 10mm


  • No Mechanical Moving Parts
  • Complete 2D Motion Sensor
  • Programmable Frame Speed up to 3000fps
  • Accurate Motion up to 12ips
  • 400cpi Resolution
  • Recommended Voltage: 5V

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Juan Pablo (11/07/2014 - 10:58)

Hola Javier, No, lamentablemente no tenemos ninguna óptica para este sensor. Saludos!

Javier (04/07/2014 - 17:25)

Hola, tienen disponible la optica para este integrado?