Veyron Servo Driver (24 Channel)

Veyron Servo Driver (24 Channel)

Controlador de servos múltiple (24 canales), diseñado especialmente como controlador de todo tipo de robots. Posee interfaz wireless por medio de un socket tipo XBee.


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Veyron Servo Driver (24-Channel) is a multiple servo controller, especially designed for humanoid robots, spider robots, robotic arms, and many other likewise applications. The controller integrates wireless data transmission interface, which is fully compatible with DFRobot Bluetooth module, APC220 wireless data transmission module and Xbee module. The controlling modes include real-time, timer and constant speed. Veyron Servo Driver (24-Channel) is the most powerful Mirco USB servo driver with high reliability on the market. It uses a high-performance, low-power STM32F103 microcontroller as its core control unit, which has a powerful, fast execution speed, high accuracy, strong I / O drive power. It supports Futaba, Hitec, TowerPro and other common servos. The servo control range is 0 ~ 180 ° (for 360 ° continuous rotation, retrofitting is needed). It has two servo modes: single servo control and group servo control. In group mode, servo speed of the same group can be coordinated automatically with start and stop simultaneously. This funtion can be very useful in multi-DOF biomimetic robots, which requires smooth actions.

We also made a user-friendly, intuitive software – DFServo (Virtual Servo Controller) for you. With this software and Veyron servo driver, you’ll be able to easily control, set and adjust many of your servo combinations and acts directly with computer.

Note: Due to the PC software is not able to store paces into controller, users need to input commands manually instead. Each servo channel from Veryron Servo Driver can store up to 40 movements.


  • Output channels: 24 (PWM output or TTL level output);
  • Servo Power: DC 4.8V ~ 6V;
  • Logic Power: DC 6V ~ 12V or USB (with a resettable fuse in debugging);
  • Driver Resolution: 1uS; 0.09°;
  • Drive speed Resolution: 1uS/s; 0.09°/s
  • Communication Interface: Micro USB /TTL serial interfaces;
  • Baud rate: 2400,9600,38400,115200
  • Size: 57.3 x 72.3mm

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Comentarios útiles de usuarios

  • El botón BOOT0 sólo sirve al momento de cargar el driver a windows.
  • El switch EPROM / SERIAL funciona tal como está especificado.
  • Conectado a la PC via USB, funciona a 57.600 baudios fijos, tal como dicen las especificaciones.
  • Los switches A y B funcionan a 9.600 baudios, tanto para el puerto serie1 (RX1 y TX1), como para el Serie2 (RX2 y TX2).


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